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About Me

So it all began in my teenage years with every Sunday afternoon spent listening to the Top 40 in my bedroom – I loved to record it and play it back pretending to be the DJ! I always had a keen interest in music and always had to have the latest singles when they were released.

Soon this hobby became something more and I found myself going to gigs to help other DJ friends while I saved for my own equipment. It wasn’t too long before I was playing my own gigs in reality, and bookings soon flowed in.

Over the years I think I’ve covered most types of function, but I have been focused on weddings in recent times.  I’ve been lucky enough to be trusted by various couples and have travelled far and wide to venues either side of the country and beyond, such as Harvey’s Point in Donegal and across to the likes of The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn  with many stops in between.  

I’ve also enjoyed being a part of the entertainment team in Granny Annie’s since the launch of the brand in my hometown of Limavady. While my hectic schedule doesn’t allow for too many appearances I do love it when I get the chance!

That’s enough about me, I’d now love to hear about you and your wedding or party plans so get in touch!

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