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Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booths continue to be as popular as ever many years after entering the wedding market, and are now a well established source of guest entertainment.

In recent years the range has expanded to include open air styles such as the Selfie / Magic Mirrors giving you even more choice.

Personally, I still love the traditional style photo booth for the nostalgic feel and the element of privacy. You can really let your inhibitions go behind the curtain and throw yourself into the random characters in the prop boxes without having to worry about dozens of folk seeing your silly carry on! Even the more introverted guests enjoy taking part!

If you’re more of an exhibitionist perhaps the selfie mirror is more up your street – this is one way to get larger groups enjoying the craic together as everyone gathers round to watch the star performers.

Whatever your preference, we have you covered!

While photo booths and mirrors are great fun and most definitely add to the evening’s festivities, there’s no denying they will always be a bit of an ‘extra.’ 

They will never surpass the likes of the dress or the venue on the priority list (or the DJ for that matter!) but if you do decide a Photo Booth is for you, as with everything, do your research.

Most couples will have a budget of some description for their big day, and while this will vary widely, something I’m sure we all have in common is that we like to get value for money. 

Hidden charges and added extras are a bit of a bugbear of mine, and unfortunately something I see all too often.

I know from experience that there are photo booths and mirrors available to hire from as little as £250 which on the face of it sounds great compared with £395 for our photo booth or £450 for our selfie mirror (while we can offer a bit of a discount when you book more than one product we cannot complete with a such a low price).

As with anything, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Our pricing is all inclusive with no extra additional hidden costs for you, or even more importantly, your guests.

Here’s a list of what you always get with our products;

  • 3 hours hire

  • Unlimited Visits to the booth / mirror

  • Unlimited Prints

  • High Quality Instant Prints

  • Large 6x4 size prints

  • 4 pictures per visit to the booth / mirror

  • 2 boxes of props

  • At least one member of staff on hand to guide you through it

  • An album to keep with the pictures and messages

  • A USB of the image to keep and use how you would like.

  • A choice of outer skins is also available for our booths (see pictures)

A lot of companies will offer a basic service level for the initial low quote such as a shorter hire period, smaller prints, no guest book, no USB and more so while it sounds great initially you could end up paying a lot more than anticipated. 

Some companies will even charge your guests per print – unbelievably this does happen!

I’m confident that the service and package we offer as standard is providing value for money, and if you take the time to check the details I know you will agree.

If you want more information pop me a message, I’d love to have a chat.


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