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Spring into April!

It’s officially spring as April is now upon us, bringing a welcome break after a hectic March.

So far 2018 has brought a rush of weddings early in the season, so between nights gigging and night feeds it’s all been a bit crazy! 

Gig of the month for me was the wedding celebrations of the new Mr & Mrs Mullan, a local Limavady wedding which took me to the Mount Errgial Hotel in Letterkenny for the first time. 

I was booked for an after band disco to follow Exclusive and as always it was great to catch up with Ryan and the lads. 

It was a great party from beginning to end, with the dance floor packed right through to our finish time of 2am. Guests young and old were catered for, as we started with plenty of 80’s and Country music before bringing it up to date with a mix of current chart hits.

We then finished with the classic dance tracks from the 90’s and early 00’s by special request from the bride and groom and to the delight of the guests in attendance!

Choosing Your Entertainment

One of the biggest dilemmas many couples face when planning their wedding is deciding on whether to opt for a band & DJ or DJ only as their entertainment.

I personally love live music when it’s done right, and have played after many a great band over the years. 

A lot of bands will offer a disco included in their package and while this may seem like great value for money its well worth checking out what you’re actually getting.

From experience I have found that a lot of couples will research many bands before making a final decision on one, but then will settle on the disco offered by the band without checking who will providing the final entertainment on their wedding day. 

More often than not the ‘package disco’ is a band member keeping an eye on their iTunes playlist while packing up, paying little to no attention to your guests and what they want. 

A professional DJ like myself, on the other hand, will be interacting with your guests, meeting their demands, and keeping the atmosphere electric right until the bitter end. I like to prepare in advance for all my wedding gigs, finding out clients musical preferences and getting an idea of what styles their guests are likely to enjoy. 

Entertainment makes up for a third of your wedding day so it’s a hugely important consideration, ranking in after the venue and the all-important dress in my opinion. 

Do you want your wedding day to finish on a high and have guests chatting for months after about the fantastic night’s craic or do you want it to fade out when the band finishes their set?

The choice is yours….

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